Have Questions About Boat Lifts Docks Seawalls?

At Gulf Coast Dock And Seawall we can answer all your questions about boat lifts docks seawalls and repairs near St. Petersburg, FL. We utilize locally owned contractors to build the best boat lifts docks  seawalls in the Saint Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa area. Our licensed bonded and insured staff will help you plan your installation, pull your permits and complete the construction without any hassles for you. To enjoy your waterfront home to the fullest just give us a call today.

How Much Does A Boat Lift Cost?

This is the first question most customers will ask. The answer depends on many factors such as what type of watercraft do you have, where is the installation going to be located, how much does your boat weigh along with other contributing factors.  Or specialists will help you to identify what you may need whether you need an elevator lift, davits, a cradle lift, or float lift.

What Capacity Boat Lift Do I Need?

Obviously the length and weight of your boat will dictate what the capacity of your boat lift needs to be. It also has a bearing on the type of boat lift you need to purchase. Watercraft such as jet skis have their own lift design. It will work great for a jet ski but not so well for an outboard. Thought needs to given to both your present and future boating needs. Sometimes if you feel you will be upgrading your boat in the future a larger lift may be the prudent choice for you.

What Kind Of Dock Is Best For My Property?

Again, this is dependent upon your property, your budget and how you are going to use the dock.  There are many options available when creating a dock. Foremost is aesthetics and durability.  You can create everything from a reinforced concrete dock, to wooden docks, composite docks and the newest material, IPE which is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable. We are hear to help you make the proper decision and also help you through the permitting process as well.

How Much Does A Boat Dock Cost To Build?

Those costs can vary widely depending on the size and material used in building your dock. Additional factors include how much electrical and plumbing work will be required to provide the facilities you need at your dock. A modest pre-made dock can be installed for around $1000 and from there the sky is the limit. A lot can depend on the difficulty of installation, water depth, climate, and other factors such as permitting problems, etc. We are happy to work with you to created a dock that will both serve you well for years and increase the value of your property.

How Much Does A Seawall Cost?

That answer like the ones above is variable.  There are different types of seawalls such as vinyl seawalls, seawalls made of reinforced poured concrete, aluminum seawalls and wood seawalls. Again cost, aesthetics and durability are the determining factors in choosing a seawall material.  We can help you with your decision and again assist in the permitting process.

Why Do We Need A Seawall?

The primary reason to construct a seawall on your property is to avoid waterfront erosion. By protecting your property with a seawall you ensure that such occurrences as normal wave action, boat wakes and tidal flows will not wash away your property. In many cases a seawall will substantially increase your property value and also make it easier for you to add a dock or boat lift. Seawalls normally require permits from such entities as local governments and the Corps of Engineers.  We will assist you fully with the permitting process.

How Much Does Seawall Repair Cost?

This figure can vary greatly depending on the original type of construction and the amount of damage to the seawall. If the seawall has eroded from behind you will be facing additional costs such as fill, irrigation and landscaping. Simple seawall repairs run about $250 per lineal foot to as much as $1000 per lineal foot. The best suggestion is to give us a call and get an estimate on your job.