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If you are looking for the best prices on boat lifts St Petersburg Clearwater and Tampa look no further. We will custom design a boat lift for your property that will be perfect for whatever kind of vessel you may own. PWC (Personal Water Craft), yacht or flats skiff, we have the perfect lift for you at the best price. We are there to help you through the entire process from design to permitting to construction.
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4 Post Aluminum Boat Lift

cradle boat lift clearwater

These lifts cradle your boat firmly at the bottom. They are designed to handle boats weighing from 4500 lbs to 25.000 lbs.  They can be used for anything from flats skiffs to larger offshore center consoles.  They can also be custom designed for pontoon boats.

8 Post Aluminum Boat Lift8 post boat lift

Eight post lifts are very similar to the 4 post lift but are designed to handle larger and heavier boats weighing up to 45,000 lbs

Yacht Lifts

yacht lift
Yacht lifts are generally custom designed to handle a particular vessel. The number of pilings can vary and the capacity of these lifts often can exceed 120,000 lbs. Much of the cost of these lifts result from using a direct drive versus cables to lift the craft.

Elevator Lift

elevatot boat lift
Elevator lifts are usually side mounted to either pilings, seawalls and docks.  They operate in a fashion similar to a fork lift and work well when shallow bottoms are present. The angle of the lift can adjusted to accommodate the depth of the water.


davit lift
Boat davits offer a more affordable alternative to other types of boat lifts.  They generally attach to eyes on the front and rear of the boat.  Capacity is usually from 500 to 5,000 lbs.  Often davits are a perfect solution if you have a PWC.

Floating Dock

floating dock
Floating docks are very useful if you are in an area where there is a very large fluctuation in water levels due to tides. However floating docks do function better in protected areas such as canals.  One advantage of floating docs is that there is almost no danger of bottom damage to your water craft.  Floating docs are often a perfect solution for PWC’s.

PWC Lifts

PWC elevator lift
Both floating docks and davits and elevator lifts are often used for lifting Personal Water Craft (PWC). However there are lifts that are designed expressly for PWC’s. Many times they accommodate two separate craft. Which type of lift you use is dependent upon your particular location and needs.