Seawalls St Petersburg Clearwater Tampa

Seawalls St Petersburg Clearwater Tampa

Your waterfront property is way too valuable to have it washing away from erosion whenever the wind blows or the tide rises. Building a seawalls and bulkheads to stop the erosion can be both functional and attractive thereby increasing the value of your waterfront property.

How Much Does A Seawall Cost In The St Petersburg Clearwater Tampa Area? seawall construction Clearwater

This is the first question most clients ask. The answer to this question is very difficult to answer because there are so many variable that directly impact the cost of construction.  Obviously the biggest variable is length and height of the project. One often overlooked variable is the strength and type of materials that will be necessary to provide the strength needed to withstand the elements.

Indeed there are certainly other parameters as well such a project complexity, soils, ease of access and other mitigating factors. Over all without a thorough examination of the total project is very difficult to give a “ballpark” quote.

For these reasons we normally do not quote seawall/bulkhead jobs without a complete review. However, we are happy to provide you with a free estimate that you can depend on.  Call us today to make an appointment to review your project. 727-201-2775

Preferred Materials For Seawall Construction In Saltwater Enviorments

Vinyl Sheet Piling Seawalls vinyl seawall Clearwater

This material is fast becoming a most popular product for the construction of saltwater seawalls and bulkheads. Traditional materials such as wood and concrete are becoming functionally obsolete due to the vast improvement of vinyl sheet piling that has occurred over the last several years.  It is far more durable than other materials and the cost can often be much lower.


Composite Sheet Piling Seawalls

This composite material for seawalls is now available in different lengths, diameters, strengths and colors. It is designed with a special marine grade resin system that provides both strength and longevity to the material. It has an advantage over vinyl as you can build a bulkhead or seawall to greater heights than vinyl and almost equivalent to steel sheet vinyl.  All this while maintaining a reasonable price.


Wooden Seawallswood seawall st petersburg

Wooden seawalls are still being built although with all the new composites and vinyl you are seeing less and less of them. You now have to comply with many regulations regarding treated lumber.
Guidelines restrict the wood to  .60 or 2.50 p.c.f. retention of CCA (chromated copper arsenate) and for use in compliance with the new guidelines as determined by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as of December 31, 2004. Long term they are subject to such problems as marine borers which makes composites and vinyl much more desirable for construction of seawalls and bulkheads.

Work With Us To Design Your Seawall In St. Petersburg, Clearwater Or Tampa

Let us help you to design and build the ideal seawall for both your budget and your property. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate as well as a design review. 

Just call us today at (727) 201-2775 and get started.